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All of our recipes begin with the highest quality culinary foundation “organic” “unprocessed” “clean” “superfoods” simply put, we use what is good and leave out what is bad. Each ingredient in our products is a thoughtful inclusion of health and flavor, resulting in a combination that is good for you and tastes really good.


Classic Marinara Sauce

A perfect combination of vegetables, herbs and
spices to create a healthy and versatile
addition to your family's pantry.


Bare BBQ Sauce

Tangy and sweetened with pure dark
chocolate this BBQ sauce is a true patchwork
of flavor and healthy benefits.


Robusto Marinara Sauce

The same powerful medley as our
classic marinara but with a little more to it!

Latest Blog Posts

Our Naked Story

May 02, 2017

Sometimes our beginnings arise from the most unexpected places. And sometimes those places are not places at all, but a twist of fate, a destiny call, that sets your life on a very different path. We may alter our plans, change a job, start a new relationship, and beyond all that there will still be times the call is a bit more earthshattering, and it is then we begin to search for answers. And that is exactly what I did when I first discovered my daughter Rachel, had cancer.

Get Naked, it’s Easy

April 06, 2017

Mostly what I hear about eating well is how hard it is. Even once you figure out what foods you should be eating, where do you go from there? I get it-there is a great deal of confusion surrounding the topic of food today, and rightly so, there is a lot of conflicting information out there. Well we’re here to help you sort things out a bit and make being naked easy.

Men Can Wear Pink Too

January 31, 2017

October is breast cancer awareness month and male breast cancer is a topic near and dear to my heart and most certainly is an area in need of increased visibility and recognition.

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