“The Naked Baking Ladies is committed to enhancing lives by educating people about the power of food and offering enticing and wholesome food options to optimize your life. It is our goal to promote a platform of sustainable living!!”

Seminars and Workshops

Designed to educate and entertain, Naked Baking Ladies seminars and workshops introduce the essential concepts of health and wellness. In our seminars and workshops you will learn what is means to eat naked and find the answers to the most pressing questions of food and diet. Begin your journey and discover the truth behind organic and conventional methods, genetically modified foods and superfood ingredients. Considered the great reveal of the food industry, Naked Baking Ladies Seminars and Workshops will illuminate the way you think of food, transform your diet and, ultimately, cultivate a life of health and wellness. Join the revolution and get Naked!!

How To Eat Naked...With Your Clothes On.
Consider the great reveal of the food industry. Join us for the 101 of health cooking.

Cooking Classes

Bake, Cook and Eat Naked! The Naked Baking Ladies Cooking Classes include demonstration and interactive classes for everyone interested in living a naked life. Classes can be customized and every class instructs on the how to of naked eating.  Discover how to transform traditional recipes into a healthier and more powerful version.

Food Counseling

The Naked Baking Ladies takes a simple approach to diet. Eat food made by nature and use superfoods to optimize your health and well-being. Our counseling sessions help to identify the ingredients best suited for your body and to recognize foods that may not do the body good. We work with our clients to develop a repertoire of recipes to lead you toward a life of health and prosperity. Let’s talk naked and begin on a path of health and wellness!

Personal Chef Services

Bring the Ladies Home!  Whether a small intimate gathering or a large scale event the Naked Baking Ladies will renovate your home and bring a new version of dinner to your kitchen table. You design the menu and we work the magic to ensure a healthy rendition of all your favorite dishes… oh, and we clean up!