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Get Naked, it’s Easy

Mostly what I hear about eating well is how hard it is. Even once you figure out what foods you should be eating, where do you go from there? I get it-there is a great deal of confusion surrounding the topic of food today, and rightly so, there is a lot of conflicting information out there. Well we’re here to help you sort things out a bit and make being naked easy.

To us, naked translates to eating clean, pure, and healthy food. Be Naked Be Well is our mantra. We embrace a naked philosophy and we want to make it simple for you to do the same. Our products are always organic and the ingredients chosen in the development process provide the optimal nutritional benefits for our bodies and enhance the flavor profile. We leave out the bad and put in the good because when you eat clean you feel better. Pretty simple formula but I assure you the results are powerful! And by the way, everyone is doing it, and this is the one time you are doing yourself a favor by following the crowd-even your mother will approve. Michael Pollan tells us to, “eat food…mostly plants,” Andrew Weil is a proponent of healthier super foods, and Kris Karr thinks it is really, really, sexy.

What we’ve learned from studying and researching food, is that the things our bodies need most are provided for us, naturally. The less we do to this food, the better it is for us. This means starting with seeds that are not genetically modified, growing them in soil that is clean and cultivated naturally, avoiding foods that are treated with chemicals and pesticides, in other words-eat organic whenever possible, and include foods in your diet that have the largest amount of nutritional value- super foods. Oh, and food should be grown in a natural environment, definitely not in a lab or factory. Highly processed foods are further away from the form they started in and are stripped of many nutrients and benefits.

And don’t get overwhelmed-you got this! But what may get tricky is translating these suggestions into your life. No worries-this is where we come in, and because a good place to start is the beginning, cleaning up the foundation of any home, the pantry, will help expedite a naked life. To begin, open your pantry, cabinets and cupboards and toss any food that is chemically processed, artificially colored and/or flavored, preserved with something you cannot pronounce, -basically pitch the food items that are not classified as real food. If you are anything like me when I first decided to get naked you probably had to throw out most of your food items and now have a lot of empty shelves staring at you. Be happy, this is a good thing! Now that you have made room for a change you can stock up and build your Naked Pantry

The goal here is to assemble an inventory of naked food items and ingredients to have on hand. We all know convenience is a huge factor in how most people make their food choices today. And sometimes people make bad decisions-we all do. Hast or hunger, or both, can cloud our judgment and when that happens we find ourselves asking “Why did I eat that?” Knowledge, planning and organization help to avoid this pitfall.

The good news is the Naked Baking Ladies are here to help you with all of this. You need information-we have classes and seminars to educate and enhance your ability to incorporate food, health and wellness into your life. (link to classes and seminars) As far as the planning and organization piece, a little time and effort will go a long way. And of course, because we want to make it easy we even have recipes and food products.

It may sound mundane but if you are in and out of the car, and the office, and the house, and a million other places all day long, preparing food ahead of time is one of the most valuable things you can do to improve the way you eat. Cut, chop, dice, slice, julienne- do whatever you need to have your fruits and vegetables ready for snacks, salads, soups, smoothies, or juicing. That way, when you find yourself starving and grabbing for food, there are convenient healthy options waiting for you, And, here is a quick and naked tip…do not discount the power of H2O-infuse water with fruits and herbs and your water bottle becomes an energy stimulant and will intensify the benefits of simple drinking water: turmeric, citrus and mint, blackberry and ginger, strawberries and basil, or blueberries and peaches are a few of my favorite combinations.

By the way I already know what you are thinking, or should I say griping, “This is too much work and I do not have the time!” I understand-it is a very busy world we live in today but think of accessibility as our ounce of prevention. And over time, adhering to a naked lifestyle will boost your overall health and stamina, increase your energy for the demands of daily life, and contribute to your body’s total vitality. Trust me on this one-the more naked you are the more dynamic you will be. It is definitely worth it!

Speaking of worth, the value of a healthy life is priceless yet some people still bemoan the cost of eating healthy. My advice to them is to think of it this way-in finance, worth and cost are two different things. Well, we can think the same way with food. Yes, eating healthy requires more effort, but you have to ask yourself, what’s it worth to you? Putting a little extra thought into meal planning and food choices is a small price to pay to help ensure a lifetime of well-being. Besides you will be transformed into a powerhouse of energy and productivity.

Your body is an investment, the biggest investment in your life. If you take care of it, it will reward you. And it will do great things! Begin today, build a naked life, embrace our naked philosophy and you too will be naked and well! If I think about all of this when making my choices, eating well and eating naked, is easy. And when it gets difficult-well that’s what we’re here for.

Be Naked, Be Well

The Naked Baking Lady

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